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On this Fourth of July we had the privilege to celebrate our nations Independence Day – remembering what our founding fathers, and those who have continued to fight for our freedom, did for us.  As usual, we spent this holiday with family and friends, cooking out on the grill and eating plenty of the foods we’re not supposed to eat on a regular basis.  Once the sky got dark, we lit them up with a bit of color.  Always a lot of fun! (Unfortunately we had to cut it short because the cows got spooked with all the loud noises.)

But the sky isn’t the only thing with a little color this year.  Thanks to my Paper Pumpkin kit, I was able to decorate my table with these lovely pinwheels.  There were 24 pinwheels in the kit, but I only needed 10 of them for this centerpiece.  Aren’t they great?  I got several complements – almost as many as my hubby’s bbq chicken!


If you haven’t signed up for a Paper Pumpkin subscription yet, don’t miss another great kit!  Every month I am surprised by the awesomeness inside my little red/orange box.  And my kids love the projects too!  It really is a great thing to do alone or with loved ones.