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This weeks post is a different from my usual projects.  I’m not sharing a card or some other paper craft.  Instead I’m sharing a cake I decorated for a friend’s bridal shower.  Since her fiancé is a hunter and this was a co-ed shower, the party theme was “The Hunt is Over” and the cake camouflaged inspired.


I made my own fondant because I think the store bought stuff tastes horrible.  A couple of years back I found a simple recipe for marshmallow fondant that works really well.  I thought the cake could use a cute little sign so I used permanent marker to write their wedding date and names on the ceramic heart – it also doubles as a magnet so they can keep it on their refrigerator for years to come.


After covering the cakes, I cut up the remaining fondant using Christmas tree cookie cutters and trimmed the bottoms to make them look like leaves.  The shotgun shells were fun too.  I made those with Rollos and fondant covered Tootsie Rolls.  For the topper, I just used a couple deer toys I found at the craft store to represent the bride and groom.  Cute, don’t you think?


I think the couple was happy with the results.  I know I was pleased with the look and it tasted great too, but that is only because I didn’t bake it!  I’m not too shabby at the decorating thing, but if it doesn’t come out of a box then the flavor and texture of my confections are not so great.  😉